Plenty of parking in the back parking lot, advises Da Bears

Da Bears and Mr. Moose are full of advice, but Mr. Moose has a tendency to wander off to the lake. Don't worry! He always makes it back here.

This is the back door to Spirit of the Northwoods.

Mr. Moose and Da Bears will greet you when you use the back door.

Mr Moose from door.

Mr. Moose...

And....Mr. Moose...

and Da Bears.

and Da Bears

First, I would like to show you through this door to the home-decor section.

This is the door to the home decor section.

Here we have rugs, pictures and many other accessories...

Just inside the door by the rugs.

Here are rugs and the ducks...

By the ducks.

and if you look closely, you can see the cabin by the lake...

Dept 56 summer cabin.

This is Mr. Moose's favorite, a five foot raccoon picture.

Our five foot raccoon picture.

We have Blonder Bath Decor...

Blonder Bath Decor

and a bed from Tell City Chair.

Horse Section

We have barnwood frames on consignment.

Barnwood frames

We have a wolf section...

Wolf Section

and a bear section.

Bear Section

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