Welcome to Spirit of the Northwoods in Shawano, Wisconsin

Hi! Welcome to Spirit of the Northwoods. My name is Doug. I work in the back receiving area. In a minute, I am going to give you a guided tour of our store, but first let me tell you about the store. We are located at 131 S Main Street in Shawano, WI. The building is three store fronts melded together, to give a little over 8,000 square feet on the main floor. It is a little-bit-of-everything store, from antique hat pins to bathroom décor. Many visitors are impressed by the great gift selection, especially those looking for the unique and hard-to-find gifts.

Come-in for a little of the small town, old time feel, and if the font is a little small, try zooming to 125%.

At one time, the building belonged to Chaimson's Department Store. It closed when the senior Chaimson passed away in the early 1990's. In the later 1990's, the building reopened for a short time as an antique mall. Some of the antiques are still here, but gifts and cabin decor have been added.

And now for the tour...

Meet Da Bears and Mr. Moose
When you come in the back door, you will be greeted by Da Bears and Mr. Moose.

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